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It's Torga's Anti-Fog Solution - 0 Comments
It's Torga's Anti-Fog Solution

How to stop your glasses from fogging up when you wear a mask

Most common challenges with wearing glasses are easily addressed by your optometrist. For example, glare from the sun in your eyes while driving can be reduced with polarised lenses, frames slipping down the bridge of your nose can be pr...

Need to make adjustments to your frames? - 0 Comments
Need to make adjustments to your frames?

After prolonged use, eyeglass frames may slide out of place, pinch your nose, hurt your ears or simply appear crooked. You can take your eyeglasses to an optometrist for an adjustment, but if you are unable to visit a store you can easily adjust eyeglasses yourself by following the steps in this art...
Lens Technology for Driving - 0 Comments
Lens Technology for Driving
Everyone wants the best technology with the best safety features for their vehicles. However, you may have the safest vehicle on the road, but if your eye sight is compromised so is your safety.
Lens Technology For Over 40s - 0 Comments
Lens Technology For Over 40s
In a world that is obsessed with eternal youth, efficiency and massive workloads, the inevitable deterioration of one’s eye sight at a certain age - *gulp* yes, forty – is a daunting prospect for many!
Blue Light Demystified: The Blue Light Fact Checker - 0 Comments
Blue Light Demystified: The Blue Light Fact Checker
There’s been much talk about blue light, what it is and what effect it may or may not have on your eyes. In search of the facts to demystify it, we have compiled a quick and easy Blue Light Fact Checker. These facts have been checked and rechecked by a number of health- and eye-care and practitioners, as well as optical experts.
Benefits of wearing contacts - 0 Comments
Benefits of wearing contacts

What are the benefits of wearing contact lenses?

  • Contact lenses offer freedom from wearing glasses – they look more natural and give you an unobstructed view.
  • Contact lenses are not affected by fogging especially in winter or when playing sports, or rain and are unlikely to get lost.
  • Yo...
A Feast for your Eyes - 0 Comments
A Feast for your Eyes

Having healthy eyes is something that many take for granted. But when one doesn’t have it, one’s quality of life is severely compromised.

Just like diet can have a direct impact when it comes to reducing the risk of various diseases, so can diet reduce the risks of developing numerous eye maladies....

Caring for Your Glasses - 0 Comments
Caring for Your Glasses

Keep Your Glasses in Spectacular Condition

Spots, smudges, streaks and scratches! These are just some of the daily irritants for the average spectacle-wearer.

It’s tempting to reach for your shirt and wipe! But, if you want your lenses to last as long as they should, we urge you to resist. It's...

The Low Down on Polarised Lenses - 0 Comments
The Low Down on Polarised Lenses

Are you (literally) being Blinded by the Light?

Everyone wants polarised sunnies. But why? How much about this amazing technology do you know?

We’ve put together the low-down so that you know why and when to don your polarised sunglasses.

To polarise or not to polarise? What, when and why?

What do you see? - 0 Comments
What do you see?

Grey and teal, or is it pink and white?

This image has been buzzing around social media for a while now, keeping colleagues arguing, families fighting, and generally generating quite a buzz on both Facebook and Twitter. And yet there has been no convincing reason put forward as to why people fal...