Torga Optical Lens Manufacturing (Pty) Ltd, is a state-of-the-art Lens Production Facility.


Torga Optical Lens Manufacturing is a lens laboratory that makes use of the very best German-precision lens technology whilst adhering to international standards to provide you with the best solutions for your visual day.

Located in Maitland, Cape Town, using materials sourced from around the globe; Torga Lens manufactures high-quality lenses for an array of applications from fashion eyewear to your high-presciption spectacles.

Torga Lens produces a multitude of different lenses as well as various lens enhancements, including: Torga's FLEXIVUE™, bifocals, multifocals, anti-glare & anti-scratch coatings and polarised lenses (to mention a few).

As an industry specialist, Torga Lens (via Torga Optical) brings you affordable, durable lenses made with German precision lens technology. 


Torga Optical is the only South African optical chain to have completely converted to digital lens manufacturing in this state-of-the-art lens laboratory. The facility is also ISO9001 accredited and licensed by Uvex GMBH to produce safety eyewear.


No middlemen: every Torga Optical store offers you superior technology, real value at extremely competitive prices.