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About Contact Lenses


Types of Contact Lenses



Daily disposable lens

  • It is the most convenient way to correct your eyesight. These soft lenses are worn all day and then simply thrown away – there’s no need to store and clean them. The can be more expensive than other lenses if used every day , although you will save a little on contact lens solutions. They are convenient and economical if you want to wear contact lenses part time – they are ideal for sport, going out or traveling.

Two-weekly / monthly daily wear lenses

  • They are worn daily for up to a month and are removed each night , then simply cleaned and stored in the recommended solution. They offer all the benefits of soft lenses and are more cost-effective than daily disposables for people who wear their contact lenses every day. Some speciality lenses are replaced less often.

Flexible / extended / continuous wear lenses

  • The can be left in the eye overnight or for extended periods. Only lenses approved for overnight use can be worn during sleep and only on advice of your Torga Optical optometrist as not everyone’s eyes are suitable. Sleeping in contact lenses carries an increases risk of infection. If you sometimes need to wear lenses overnight or have long hours of daily wear, these lenses may be appropriate.

Gas permeable lenses

  • They are cheaper to maintain than soft lenses and some people find them easier to handle.